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Sixteen / Sund;
Studio Verter is a collaboration between Claudio Saccucci and Roxane van Hoof based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In their work they explore the tensions that exist between things; slender and squat, utilitarian and refined, elegant and messy. These themes are integral to their projects no matter their scale or nature.
The series is an experimentation in contrast and scale. Sixteen equal wooden panels are layered on top of each other, each shifted away and upward from the previous. The shoe is all soft leather and rounded shapes. An off-white exterior with a powdery blue interior. Outside the domestic atmosphere, among trees and grass they are free to whatever interpretation, stool becomes podium becomes object becomes unknown shape. A green form stands surrounded by green grass and green leaves. The white leather of the shoes absorbs its surroundings and becomes one with the light.

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